Renting a Car in Brazil

I am looking to rent a car for possibly one to two months. My girlfriend is Brazilian and drives what is the best place to get a reasonable rental car. I will be in Imperatriz - State of Maranhão Also is there a limited time you can drive on a US license in Brazil. Thanks

I don't know about renting a car but you can drive 180 days.

Thanks for your help

Try to Google Rental Cars for Brazil, type in the state and city I found a few links just by google, here's a link to help you get started. I also saw Expedia and Travelocity if you are of age (lol) try AARP.

Car Rental Maranhão, Brazil. Best Prices Guaranteed! -
Have a good time and bring a good mosquito repellant with a high content of Deet!

Hi Vegas13,

The business directory can also help : … ar-rental/ :)



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