Opening a Montessori Daycare in Ha Noi

Hello all.
I would like to open a Montessori daycare in Ha Noi and teach English. My husband, myself and our 1 year old son will be moving there in August. I would like to have the daycare open by September. Can someone help? Thanks.

Hello L&JHaNoi :cheers:

I invite you to read relevant articles in our Living in Vietnam guide. Sections such as Visas and Work may prove helpful.

How can we help you please?



Not clear exactly what kind of help you need.

Oh I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't very clear.
I don't know where to set up, how much it would cost? How much to charge per kid? How much would I need to get started basically? How to promote my daycare to get children? We are coming in August, but can have time to set up and open months later

Thank you for your reply. I will read that for sure!!

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