Employment chances

Hi All

Have been to Malta on 3 occasions and my wife and I both want to move there permanently.

Would like to ask your view on the following:

I am 62 and have over twenty years in experience in Customer Service, my wife is 56 and is a Ward Housekeeper in the NHS - what is the likelihood of us getting full time employment in Malta?

Failing the above what is the scope there for  photograpers as a business?

Your view, thoughts on the above would be appreciated.

If the above are not a viable option then we would be looking to move to Malta when I retire and live on the State pension plus my private pensions.

Hello alanhay :cheers:

I invite you to read out the articles in our Living in Malta guide, the 'work' field in that section may prove helpful while waiting for members out there for their input.


Getting full time employment is possible but probably not in your area of expertise.

Jobs in the hotel and leisure industry are easy to get but pay is very very poor.

Forget customer service in Malta, its a joke.

Call centres are always recruiting, pay is generally better ( always recruiting should give you a clue as to its working conditions) .

If you have a second language then more opportunities are available or learn Maltese
( lots start but few gain any expertise ).

Not much call for photography with the surge in digital , mobile phone technology so you would struggle to make a living.

Just my opinion,


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