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Hi everyone!

Hello! I am from Brazil, graduated in History and currently doing my masters degree also in History.

I would really like the opportunity to work in Malaysia as a professor in the human sciences field. If anyone knows about a job opportunity like that, please let me know.

I lived in Malaysia (Klang) for one year and can speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and Malay.

Does anybody here knows how the process of becoming a professor in Malaysian universities works out? Does one need to go for exames or interviews or anything like that? Are Malaysian universities usually open for foreigners willing to teach or lecture?

Any kind of help with such informations would be really helpful. Thanks a lot!

Hello MArceloAPL :cheers:

While waiting for those who may have the answer to tip in, I invite you to read out our articles in the 'Work in Malaysia' section of the Living in Malaysia guide :

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Thanks a lot for the tips, Kenjee!

Hi Marcelo,

From what i understand, its easier to get a job as a lecturer in Malaysia if you are a PhD holder.

Try looking through university websites career/ vacancy sections and apply for any lecturer positions? Since you have a Masters you can also teach Human Sciences foundation courses, have a look at Sunway University, SEGI, Taylors University, KDU etc

Alternatively you can also look through job sites such as Jobstreet Malaysia, the site has lecturer vacancies.

Best of Luck!

I have completed Bachelor & Master's Degree & I have more than 7 years teaching experience.

You can search web sites of universities in Malaysia. Master is OK, but if you have a PhD, you got more chances.


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