A recommendation to write a letter to Parliament

Hi dear friends

I am planning to write a letter to the parliament about Green Card issue.
This letter will be applicable for people who are already in DK and others waiting for their GC approval.

As per recent news in media we know that government is planning to stop extension of Green Card scheme.

So please let me know your idea and share your thoughts about the letter's topic and its content.


Hi Mohsen,

A lot has happened in past couple of weeks. … hagen.html … ation.html

The following article summarizes it all (A must read) … fight.html

Writing a letter to Parliament is not a bad idea, but I wanted to let you know that they are fully aware of the situation. It may not have any effect at all.


Hello brother, my name is Devendar ans I was applied Denmark greencard visa from Hyderabad on 24/Feb/2016.
My doubt is that recently I was hear one news about Greenland card visa will be cancelled very soon. My friend staying in Denmark and he told me that from Jan 2016 to till now who applied the greencard visas will be cancelled, is to true that news? Please let me confirm the latest news.

Hi Devendar,

As far as I know from 10th June (just 16 days away) onwards, they will not accept fresh green card applications. If you have applied in February this year, you should be able to get your green card if you meet all their requirements.

Wait till 2nd June.


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