Swiss court vetoes wedding of couple with 50-year age gap

A court in the canton of Vaud has refused the marriage application of a 71-year-old great-grandmother and her 21-year-old [Tunisian] fiancé. … ry-age-gap

What do you guys and galls think of this case?

I have to admit, I find it difficult to believe his stated intentions are true.
That isn't political in any way, just a man's base thoughts about sexual attraction.

After a 75-year-old Senator married a 20-something bride, the marriage was short-lived.

At the Senator’s funeral, the young widow said:

“In spite of the difference in our ages, ours was a beautiful marriage.

“Every Sunday, we made love to the timing of the church bells in the nearby square....

“And he’d still be alive today if that g*ddamned fire engine hadn’t gone clanging by."

Up till now I always thought it was only men who had overrated delusions of performance grandeur. Now one sees that, at least in Switzerland, sexual equality is being attained. Henceforth, one will not only speak of "Dirty Old Men".  :D

First reaction was scam: he's not into her but her money or looking for a better life abroad.

Have many other thoughts but it's best to keep it for myself.

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