Anyone in Surabaya practice aikido?  Or want to?

Hi 1st.bass,

Are you looking for someone to train with as a partner or proposing classes ?


Either or both.  I'd be happy to find a training partner, but if there turns out to be a group that is interested, perhaps we could form a formal class. 
I practiced aikido for about 15 years before moving to Japan to train there for 2 years.  After that I practiced at the dojo in New York for several years before moving here.

Hello 1st.bass :cheers:

I invite you to drop an advert in the Sports partners field of the Surabaya classifieds to better spread the word :top:


You can join the local university Aikido clubs.

If you want to join a specific local dojo, I can recommend
my friend's Aikido dojo, if you want.
Just contact me via private message.

Is it the same with Karate?

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