Relocating to Jabaroca -nice rental? How much for health insurance?

Greetings everyone,

Apologies up front for being late to the discussion.  I do need your assistance though.  I am thinking of relocating to Jarabacoa soon.  Any perspectives on rent for a nice (above "average") 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home?  Also, I am budgeting $150 U.S. monthly for health insurance for 3 people (2 children); is that reasonable to expect including full dental e.g. root canals, orthodontia?  I am a statistician and am willing to return favors in kind if there is a need any of you might have in the data analysis arena.

My sincere thanks and warmest regards.

Welcome to the forums.  I cannot help you on housing costs in Jarabacoa. Sorry but yes that budget is good for health insurance. Root canals and orthodontics will have a waiting period though, it won't be included right away!   When the time comes closer contact me and I can  give you some quotes on the insurance.

Thank you for the assistance and I will PM you closer to the time


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