Condominium issues ?

If you have difficulties with unscrupulous developers who have hijacked the juristic management, mis-management or misappropriation of condominium funds or developers who fail to transfer property contact me,mI might be able to help, as I have dealt with many such issues.

You are in Phuket, but we live in Nonthaburi and we have many issues with the management of our condo, they never take proper care of the pool, so sometimes you can use it most the time not. The main issue I have is they start jobs with contracters pay them 50% down, then the workers leave & never return with that money. We now have a hallway right in front of our front door that has no tile on it, just dusty cement floor, they removed the tiles because they were starting to pop up, from the way the housekeeping moped the floor, they would pour 2-3 inches of water on top of the floor so that they would not have to refill there buckets, and since the tile wasn't installed properly they started popping  up, but they didn't have to dig up all the tiles on the whole floor, it has been 3 months now, I don't know if they will ever finish. We don't know what to do, can we sue them?  Patrick


Have you and your wife gone to the Condo Committees meeting ?
Have you rise your difficulties / problems ?
Have your wife and you offer you self too take part of the Condo Committees, So you can help fix the problem from inside ??

Is the Committees setup correct with lawyer, Account.
Have the committee hire office people, caretaker and so on  ???

Or do you pay you monthly fee and think others do the job for you ??

About the 50% up front, I never hear anyone do that here in Thailand.
Thai pay after the work is done, and only if the "happy" about the work done.
We got fix many thing at our house, Never pay befor finish and i was happy.
Pay for the water pump, painting, kabel and so on, Never for the work, before work is finish.

When we live in Condo (Rent) the owner call us after someone come and fix what need to be fix, To ask if we happy about it, Only if we happy, The owner pay.

You can all ways make a contract in English, Use Google translate to Thai, And have the company / workers sign that before hire any.
Thai are very afraid about breaking a contract that have sign.

I know many of my foreign friends have done that, And never have problem whit the people / company sign the contract.
Even when the company have to redo things 2-3 times for no additional money..

All always agree on fix pay for finish work, Never per hours.
Put in a deadline for finish, If they say 3-5 days, give them 7 days.
Put in contract that every day late after 7 days, You pay 10-15% less of price agree on.

If hit 7 days over time, You pay nothing and are free to hire other people..


Ok, let me explain first we live in a LPN Condo, and it got so bad that we forced out the management group now we are on a private management group. Don't you think the management should know how to do business in Thailand?  I have gone to the meetings & they have made it clear that they don't want to have to put up with a Foreigner telling them what to do. But they have no clue about running a management business in Thailand, all the meetings end up with fights, tenants walk out. Everyone is sick of all the BS, but no one knows what to do.  It is so bad that if they ever get the hallway tile laid we are going to sell are condo, and move on with are lives elsewhere .

So you try what you can.

And it is clear from many many post on here, you don´t like too live there, Don´t like the area and so on.

But why don´t you move ??

Rent a condo, house, Townhouse. Move you stuff there, Rent out you condo.
Because you mind the way it look where you, I am sure many Thai don´t care about when rent a place.
That way you don´t have to live where you not happy and enjoy live.

Move on, be happy, And i am sure all the negative disappears from you live.

You can all ways put in you contract that you trying to sell you condo, and will be give 30 days if you sell it and new owner don´t want to rent out.

Good Advice.  thanks.

It would seem that, like with so many other subjects in Thailand, many  'pros' see fit to answer, and even answer queries of people to posts I made.

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