Danish transit visa required to go to Sweden via Denmark?

Hi Everyone,

I need to go to Sweden via Denmark. I am explaining my situation below with all specifics:

I am a Bangladeshi citizen with a Canadian permanent residency status living in Canada at the moment. I work at a Swedish company in Canada. My Swedish company is sending me to Sweden in order to work at a Swedish branch for 6 months. I am in the process of getting the work permit+ residence permit for Sweden, which I will obtain soon.

This is where my confusion lies. I need to land in Copenhagen, Denmark, and from there, I need to go to the Copenhagen Central Train Station in order to catch a train to a city in Sweden! Now, being a Bangladeshi citizen and with all the points mentioned above, do I need a transit visa in order to transit through Denmark?

Thank you.

I hope this link will answer your question to your satisfaction. … w_long.htm
"A visa allows you to stay a maximum of 90 days in any 180-day period in Denmark and is normally valid for the entire Schengen region."

However, you shall not go to the Central Train Station in Copenhagen to catch the train as the train stops at the airport. The station is  just a few steps under the arrivals.

You can find the timetable here:
The homepage is also in English and you can find all the information you need about your journey such as price, stops, duration.


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