Relocating and english speaking job help

Dear forum,

I have been given a job in Vienna, I will be moving from the UK, I will be starting soon and I am thrilled that this group exists.

I am hoping that you can give me some guidance. My job offer is very specific and I do not require to know German, although I will be learning it to better adapt and absorbe the Austrian culture. My fiancee wants to come with me but she is being held back by the fact that she has been told that it is impossible to find a job without speaking German. We really want to go there together and any help would mean the world to us.

At present she has a BA in law (non-EU, so she cannot really practice it), and a EU MA in public policy. She would love to work in something related to tourism, she is fluent in English and Spanish but has no German skills at all. She is happy to learn German but wants to go there with something to do and fall on in the meantime.

Whilst I  am aware that without German it is very hard I am hoping that the door will widen if the fact that she is willing to learn German once there and that she is willing to do an unpaid internship in the tourist industry or something similar during that time.

Could you please advice us, as I said she is happy to work for free whilst she learns German.

Thanks a lot


Hi Martin. Its not impossible to find work without German, but it is becoming harder to find jobs.

I have been in Austria 30km south of Vienna. I still don't speak German,  as the Austrians talk to me in English, and some speak better English than me. When you do move over, I will be happy to show you around.

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