Lovely kitty looking for new home

Hi there, my name is Sixuan. I've been in Shenzhen for 3 months now(soon leaving for Beijing though). Thank you so much for taking your time to read my post.
So recently a friend of mine from Shenzhen asked me if I want to keep a cat since a friend of her just had three kitty. She told me that her friend is a big cat lover and she recently took a stray female cat home. The cat accidentally mated with another cat at her house and it's too late when she found out that the cat is pregnant. Even though i couldn't have any pet while traveling, I overheard that my landlord want a cat for a long time. So I asked her and I showed her the photo(they were absolutely adorable!) and she said yes. So today my friend went to her friend's house and get one of the three kitties. While we were on our way to my place, my friend reminded me that the kitty is really shy and he need a lot of socialization, and in the next few days he might be a bit aggressive toward people if not treated carefully(including scratching, biting), it'll take some time for him to adjust the new environment. I send those info to my landlord. My landlord messaged me back saying that she did not want to keep the kitty any more since she wanted a more friendly, affectionate kind of cat. In my disappointment, I find a hotel near my place and sneak the kitty in since I did not want to send the kitty back. My lease is almost over so I moved my stuff out also. 

I just felt like i really messed up(I should've visit the kitty and get to know him better before I take him home and communicate with my landlord more) and i really want to fix this up. I messaged all my friends I made in Shenzhen but most of them are in their 20s and they can't keep any pet, but they are also helping me finding new home for the kitty. I would seeking help from Shenzhen SPCA if I fail to find him a good home myself. I do heard that the local SPCA are short handed and under funded so I'll try my best to rehome the kitty myself. So if you know any responsible person who would like to keep a kitty, please contact me. My email is ***

Thank again!

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