Mom and baby meetup in East Helsinki

Hey everyone! I am a new mom to a 4 month old baby boy. Would any mom's with new babies would like to meet somewhere on this side of town? I live in Kivikko, but could go anywhere here on the east side... I've heard of a few English speaking mom groups downtown and that's quite far for us at the moment. I have zero new mom friends on this side of town and would love to meet a few!

We can go to Itis and have a coffee/lunch, we could go for a walk with the babies, we can do whatever. I would just like to get out of the house and socialize a bit with other moms!

I can also tell a bit more if anyone has any questions.

Hi Aeshleryose,

You can create an event in the Events section with a suggested meetup plan, time, and a rendezvous location. You can also send invites and select who you would like to attend meetups.

Hops this helps. Good luck


Hey Zeeshan!

I don't know anyone to invite, will the event be viewable to all users?

Thanks for the suggestion!

You're welcome. : )

Once you create the event,  it will be visible to all members of your local forum.

In order to ensure privacy, I would suggest keeping the location private and share it only through personal message with members you approve for joining.

Good luck

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