Singaporeans in Shanghai

New and familiar with Shanghai.
Have posted here for a 1 year assignment.
Previously have came here 4 times a year for business trip.
Hope to meet new friends from around the world!
PM me!!

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I am newly posted to shanghai too.
Would love to know singaporean in shanghai too...


Hey Yutakam

I know a group of Singaporeans, whom usually play football together.

If you do like to get in touch, i could link you up.


Hi!!! Anybody from Singapore here? :) I've recently moved to Shanghai for work purposes but i don't have any friends there. Would like to make some if you're interested! :)

Have been in Shanghai for 6 months now and would love to meet up with Singaporeans in Shanghai!

Hi Jac! Would you like to add me on WeChat? :) **

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Hi everyone!

I would love to get some advice as you guys are probably a lot more familiar with Shanghai! I graduated about 2 years ago from university, worked in Phnom Penh for the last 1.5 years, and now I'm back in Singapore but looking for a job in Shanghai.

I would greatly appreciate any advice on how I can find one (I do Marketing & Business Development and I speak both English and Mandarin) - it seems that most job openings I've found on sites like Linkedin are only for locals in China?



I just arrived in Shanghai :) Any meetup/community that I could join? :)


Hello kexin90,

Welcome to :)

Please have a look at the Networking Shanghai section where you'll find members who would like to meet people and make friends in Shanghai.

All the best.


Sarvesh team

Hi all, I am also a Singaporean who recently got posted to Shanghai for work! Will love to get to know Singaporeans here :)

Hi Jeanette! I'm currently in Singapore. Are you in Shanghai already? :)

Hey, yes I am! Are you back in Singapore for holiday? :)

Hi, just moved back to Shanghai after away for couple of years.. will love to get to know new friends and fellow Singaporean too..  :)

is there a community set up for all the singaporean in shanghai? i will be moving to shanghai in dec :) love to meet up .

Just moved to here in Jun'17 for work, yet to get the chance to explore the city though.

Hi is there any Singaporean group in shanghai that we can all communicate?

You can check your school's international linkages.

can i ask if we can watch korean drama in SH? in sin we have access to websites and download. can we still do this over there with VPN?

hello ! i am from singapore and just got to shanghai for about a month. Would love to meet new friends. Do let me know if there's any plans to hangout

Hi all, I'm from Singapore and just got relocated to Shanghai for work, wonder if you guys are keen if I set a group chat up; or if there's already one I'd love to join.

I'd love to hear your experiences here while I settle in. PM me!


Hi everyone, I am a Singaporean, in Suzhou for work since last month. Travelling to Shanghai for me is about 2 hours by train and bus. I am really not used to this.

Hope to chat/catch up with you guys here sometime soon.


I'm thinking of setting up a SG WeChat Group, anyone interested? PM me?

i am singaporean female ! i have big one-bedder new condo at Xuhui District avail for rental  (standard and CLEANLINESS just like condo in singapore) in Nov. if you are interested, pm me.
1) fully furnished  incl gym and pool~ International condo standard with security guard 24 hours
2)imported Dyson vaccum cleaner, utensils, plates, cups, and Smeg electrical appliances
3) triple insulation well-sealed with openable folding balcony door (hardly require heating during winter), therefore NOT COLD during winter
4) Muji inspired Scandinavian decor
5) Carrefour express and starbuck 1 next to condo
6) Xuhui district, Three (3) subway lines (line 4, 9 & 12 direct to IAPM)

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