Show the world that egypt is fine

After the attack people wants to destroy the Egyptian economy why ? I am calling all the egyptian and foreigners that live in Egypt to meet and to a video and to show the world That egypt is going well and that they can to egypt without having any problem .

I am looking for people thats want to be part of this . I will produce a video and i need volunteers .

Hello Gmosab :cheers:

Why not create an event about this great idea so as to better share the word around?


Good luck with that but geopolitics is all about making sacks of cash, all without a care about either the truth or the people who get hurt.

no one will break us

I have to be honest here.
There are few groups of people who are enemies, but politicians, especially extremist politicians, do what they can to make people hate each other.

It's a tough struggle to beat all the propaganda.

Egypt is already broke ! the economy decreased 60 %

This is such a good thing to do! I want to help if you're still on it.

Sounds like a great idea..

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