What to do In Lyon?

Hi  I'm British/ Iranian living in Lyon, France for 3 months . I really don't know what to do here cuz my boyfriend goes to work everyday and I'm alone till he comes back . I would like to visit the city , explore more of France  but it takes at least someone to share the moment with.   Any tips would be great

Welcome on board Melina :cheers:

I invite you to check out threads in our forum section below to gather some tips on what you could do around in Lyon :

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Hi melina
i am sabrina i live near lyon but in a country side town called pont de vaux i will be visiting lyon tomorrow hope i could be your friend and get to know you

Hi Melina,
I am an Egyptian who has been living in Lyon for two years now. But still not yet very much into the city since I work with an international company and was recently rarely in town.
What are you interested to see? What attracts you most ? It depends :) anyway..I guess the city has a lot of diversities and many things to do :)

We can have a drink anytime this week and talk about it.
See you

Hi melina,

I live near valmy, new in france, we can meet and discover the city

Hi Melinna,
Welcome to Lyon.
What do you want to see in Lyon ?
My name is Ahmed and I have been in the city for not so long (2 years) working in a French dermososmetic company ...
We can have a drink together and we talk about it
Are you free tomorrow evening ?

Ahmed. This is your second attempt to organise a meetup, so you're clearly interested in a drink with her. Just so you know - she has a boyfriend.

Thank you for the remark XB

I never meant to annoy
It was my mistake to send two letters....but I found out that too late ..... :) thanks to you

My apologies for interruptions Melinna....didn't mean it :)


I would suggest go to the musee des Confluence. It's a nice museum about nature and the building has interesting and unique architecture.


Maybe join a sports club or pick up a hobby that you can do during the day? Also if you are religious you could find a religious group to spend time with. There are lots of things to do in Lyon as it is such a big city!
Good luck!

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