Nationality through Investment in Bahrain


I am a successful business man based in the UAE. My holding has a an incredible portfolio of trading in steel related products, for which I specialise  for 25 years (in UAE). I have consistent interest in investing or expanding operations in Bahrain.

However, my primary objective  is to seek the nationality in the kingdom, I wanted to find out from expats currently residing in the kingdom, if there is possibility for a foreign businessman (from Dubai) being naturalized, ounce an adequate amount has been invested?
1. Is it true that the kingdom has granted nationality to foreigners residing?
2. Do you think you can invest in the country and be naturalize within a short period of time? Provided it is not a low amount.

Any answer or discussion to this topic is much appreciated. Even if its simple as a yes or no or maybe. As little information can give me an insight.

Kind Regards,
Abdullah Razzak

Hello. Welcome to the Bahrain Forum.

In order to qualify for nationality, you should have resided in Bahrain for 15 years, if you are a national of an Arab country, or for 25 years, for all others. There are other criteria: you should be able to speak Arabic, and not have a criminal record.

There are instances where people with less than these criteria have also been given citizenship.

I have not come across anyone who has been granted citizenship based on investment.

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