cost of living in turkey

what is cost of living in turkey as compared to pakistan
what is the monthly expenditures?

Try for comparison.

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The cost of living in Turkey as compared to Pakistan is pretty high.

A studio in a reasonable place can cost you anywhere between PKR50,000 to 75,000. And that does not include the cost of electricity, gas or water.

I stayed initially in a studio and the rent was around PKR 65,000. In Pakistan, with this rent, you can actually get a full fledged double story house with a garden and a porch in a decent place.

In short, I live alone, I do not smoke and I do not drink. I have transportation from my office. I have a pretty moderate lifestyle. At this rate, my monthly expenses are PKR180,000 to 250,000 depending on my activities in that month. And that does not include any saving ofcourse.

You can compare these prices with the current life style expenses in Pakistan.

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Plus the thing that really ticks me off about Istanbul is the ridiculous taxes here! I am not into gadgets, but I do enjoy photography a lot and I am always on a look out for good lenses.

It gets ridiculous when you find out that the prices of electronics here are often 30% higher than they are in Europe!

An equipment that may cost me PKR100,000 in Europe will easily cost me anywhere between PKR130,000 to 150,000 in Turkey.

Go figure!

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