'Guide' service individual in the Ste.Vincent area

Lonecowboy here.
Coming to Panama June. Looking for possible 'Guide' service individual in the Ste.Vincent area north of Bugaba.  Just a couple of days per week, with Spanish capabilities. Will house - sit twice between June 06 and October 30.
Appreciate any advice available.

Hi Lonecowboy,

Till members advice you, i suggest you drop an advert in the Jobs in Panama > Tourist Guide section detailing your requirements so that you may get some proposals.

All the best,

Gracias B
I have a lady assisting me now. But i'll try an add anyway. I thought I had one running.

Hi Lonecowboy,

I couldn't figure out a way to contact you so I picked up this post and replying...  hope thats okay.

Are you still in Conception?  I have been down to Panama twice and will be returning shortly.. either to boquete or Garriche.  I have never been to Garriche but take it that it is close to Conception.   I am going to look, possible stay at Villa Davina.. a condo site owned and operated by a Canadian guy Jack. 

Have you happened to visit there?  How do you like the Conception area? 



Hola tambien LE 4 Life
Found your other 'mail'.
I found Panama lacking in interest after coming there from beautiful Ecuador. A very nice lady in David (American), was most helpful to me online.
Lack of Spanish and some bad info from another US citizen in Bugaba, scared me out of Panama. Actually I had another sit planned for Mx. and the one in Conception/Bugaba was less than comfortable; no fridge, no furniture, no cooperation with US owner.

Well Conception is a pretty small town.  Did u make it to Boquete.. lots going  on there.  I have found Panama to be very safe & In boquete there are 3000 expats so no need for Spanish.  I would still like to check out Mexico.. the pesos is very low right now.   Where u were how much to rent a small place?

Lake Chapala area is wall to wall gringos. I just did some 'cyphers' this morning.
Rent                  $225 Cdn.        (Two bedrooms -one bath) Un-furnished.
Groceries         $ 500                (Includes wine and Tequila) Walmart & Superlake stores.
Laundry           $   13                ( bus to laundry 50 cents)
Internet            $   13                (share with neighbor)
Phone               $   20                ( TelCel - Free long distance in N.A.)
Gardner           $    13               ( small front lawn 2X  / mo,)
Dog food
& care              $  70                 ( small German Shepard)
Furnishings      $ 100          Always something more to buy
            Total      $955
Income              $ 1320/ mo. (Cdn. pension)
                         This allows another $12+- for eating out each day. (100 pesos/$7, buys lunch with coffee)
My place is small ,not handsome but clean and liveable in a decent area.
Never made it to Boquette. Did go to Cerra Punta tho as well as Vulcan.
Chapala and Ajijic are in a beautiful mountainous area ; 4 very nice malecons.
Bill (Stony Plain , Alberta, Canada)                BUT no more.!

Are u in Mexico now..   those prices seem very reasonable..  isn't it a pain having to buy furniture? What if u were to leave.  I'm going back to Panama Feb 4 til Apr 28. Back to Canada for a surgery then sometime in July off to who know where...

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