Does Bahrain grants nationality or naturalizes foreigners?

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I am a successful businessman from the UAE, experience of over 25 years of dealing with  an impressive portfolio of steel related products. I'm not sure if anyone is online but I need to know something crucial about Bahrain.

It is a very strange topic but want to know if it is true.

Does Bahrain grants nationality or naturalizes  foreigners? within a certain period of time provided that they invest a certain amount in the country by opening a business or branch.

I know many instances where foreigners have been naturalized but i am not totally convinced, if this is a reality. I just wanted to know if this has happened at all from someone living in the kingdom. It makes sense for successful business people to be naturalized in my opinion. I just wanted to know from existing residence, if this at all true.

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Well , Bahrain is the only GCC country that does naturalize and grant citizenship to it's expats .
I personally know expats , people who have been granted nationality .
There's a criteria :-

The official one :-
1. Living in Bahrain from 15-20 years .
2. Got a real estate in Bahrain in your name
3. Investement/Business
4. People who rendered great service to the Kingdom :-
That is , you will find foreigners employed with Bahrain Military , Police , Ministry of Interior , if you're working in the Interior Ministry , just 2-3 years and you're granted Nationality .

Again , Notwithstanding, the above  ,Bahraini citizenship may be granted to anyone, by
order of His Majesty the Governor.
Bahraini Citizenship may also be granted, by Order of His Majesty the Governor, to
any person, upon his request, if that person has rendered Bahrain great services

The only next country would be Oman , they do grant nationality to those who lived from a long time in the country .

Other countries in the GCC like Saudi "Ph.D Required to apply"  , Kuwait , Qatar and UAE have very strict laws .

Take me for an example , born in Saudi and living there from years no citizenship , and even though my dad served for the Royal Saudi Air Force , he was given an exit in the end on retirement , and I took him to Bahrain as Bahrain gives Self Sponsorship visa for foreigners who worked for a long time in GCC/Bahrain .

Hope this helps :)

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