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Hi anyone from Portugal that can help me ? Im considering to move there. I need some one to guide and maybe teach their language to me . Please contact me if you are able to help. Preferably female please. **


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Do you know in which part of Portugal you will be moving to please? It will greatly help to find out a tutor close to your location.

To find a Portugese tutor, please drop an advert in the Language classes in Portugal

What is bringing you to Portugal please? A short presentation will help members get to know you a little bit :top:


Hi Kenjee
I am migrating to Portugal on the Golden Visa program.   It is totally new experience for me.  I want to learn the language as i can only be granted a citizenship after 5 years stay there and I must know their language

thank you

We are just starting the golden visa process with Henley and partners.  How has your experience been so far?

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Hi, it takes years to learn a new language. I am using Babbel on the internet and find it excellent. It is very reasonably priced and you can learn at your own pace.

I am planning to migrate to Lisbon.   People in Portugal speak English more than people in Spain that is the reason for choosing Portugal.  The food and weather are great too.

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