Martial Arts equipment / supplies

Hello folks,

Has anyone in Jeddah noticed a shop selling martial arts supplies?

What I'm most interested in are: weapons.

I enjoy exercising with nunchucks, a well-balanced staff and/or I'd REALLY like to reignite my passion for throwing knives....(not stars, so much).

Anyways, please reply or drop me a line if you've seen any martial arts supply shops or just have some suggestions. 

cheerio :)

PS:  I've checked a few souqs, but haven't really found any knives that are made for throwing.

Hello Rellek
Have you tried Albalad area ,, **


شكرا Saleh.

I'll check out that area.   :D

Good luck

Guys i am looking for martial arts weapons.. Can anyone tell me about the exact location where i can get that.??

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