indonesia admin , unusal forum behavior ?

I have used this forum in other countries , here I find it here quite an unwelcoming place to be at times  , the code of behavior is quite clear , but some people constantly look for arguments , accuse others of lying , etc etc .

On the other major forums here , there is not this constant underlying bickering element , it is handled by admin , by warnings , if not heeded banning the people concerned in this rhetoric.

I write this comment with the hope that in the future expat .com will "weed out" the guilty, and make this forum a more pleasant and informative place to be , as I have encountered in other countries.

Good luck !

I also participate in other Forums too and 100% agree with what you say.

A couple of posters have been causing a lot of trouble of late, causing a lot of arguments and generally giving me a load of work I don't need right now.

Note - Offering advice to commit a crime of any sort and misleading information are bad ideas.

I will be getting very harsh with any more of these types of post, hopefully cleaning up this section, thus allowing the Indonesia forum to return to being a useful resource to expats (and tourists, just as a bonus)

good luck fred !

These silly arguments are bad news for everyone, including me as I get a load of work trying to clean up the place.

I'm sick of all the problems, so any and all posts that are a problem will disappear, along with the poster if they post too many problem posts.

No debate on this - it's gone too far and is damaging the forum.

What bothers me the most is when a poster makes a comment based on their own personal experience or opinion, and then gets instantly jumped on and accused of being wrong or asked to provide proof by another poster.

There is a right way and a wrong way of doing things. The tactful or right way is for the other poster to simply give his own preferred opinion. Doing otherwise inevitably leads to bickering and a "I know better than you" situation which degrades this Forum and is unpleasant for all those who read it.

Let's remember that we are all welcome here to offer our advice, experience and knowledge and that we all invest our time and effort to participate in this Forum and as such deserve respect from each other.

I also personally feel that a lot of the animosity that exists in the Indonesian Forum would dissipate should some of the posters get together and actually meet. People tend to be far less aggressive once that have met personally. In that regard, I am happy to meet up with any posters should they be in the Bandung area.

The problem has been knowingly providing false information and/or encouraging illegal activity.
These are problems as they tend to set off a bun fight.

good post ,I agree , all forums face the occasional problem poster ,and after due process the individual  disappears, with the help of the moderation team .
So the forum retains its function as a safe place for views and information for the benefit of all , without fear of insult .
This kind of atmosphere promotes the forum to all and hence increases enthusiastic participation.

To be totally fair, going to Singapore for a couple of days inevitably leads to a bit of shopping, even if it is just for food or some personal effects. It might be better to say "shopping" and leave out the part about visiting friends unless of course you have friends in Singapore. I actually pop over to Singapore or Malaysia all the time for shopping and eating in my favourite restaurants. There are so many things I cannot find in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. So if the OP of that other Thread about Tourist Visa's plans to do some shopping in Singapore, then he should do so.

“So if the OP of that other Thread about Tourist Visa's plans to do some shopping in Singapore, then he should do so.”

The OP of that other thread made it very clear what her intentions are:

“I'm staying here (in Bali) for a couple of months might be 2 more months depends on, coz me and my partner are planning to get married here…”

That poster clearly wanted to avoid the unnecessary expense of going to Singapore every 30 days…thus the advice for a 60 day visa (renewable in Bali) was sound, as well as the best advice…and which was clearly appreciated by the poster herself.   That thread had absolutely nothing to do with shopping. 

Fred writes, “The problem has been knowingly providing false information and/or encouraging illegal activity.”

BINGO!   ;)

Well let's all hope that everything works out nicely in the end for the OP  :)

May I ask, why are we talking about another thread on this thread?   :/

Hmm..seems to have started in post #7......

But good point, let's all get back top topic here  :unsure

A typo no doubt, because clearly it started in post #9 (of this thread).   ;)

Have not read all the comments above but what I find is there is some sort of watchdogs towards your English grammar of the way you write.  This is not a writing competition.  We just want to relay on what we find worthy to share in anyway we are able to.  If there some who can speak or write English perfectly, good for them.  Or nitpicking on what your intentions are... I've no time for that.  They seem to question your motives when in fact, you just like to share of your joy, your pain etc.  However, I am a member of Italian expats group that I won't mention the name.  If I could go through that wringer and be accepted now w respect, I can face any forum anywhere heehee... So, don't run.  Stay true to yourself and write what you need to write tel522.

Yes it certainly seems that way to me too.

Hello all :cheers:

Thanks for pinpointing out some issues we have on the Indonesia forum :top:

I am sure that we all will work together to bring back this friendliness attitude, helpful posts and mutual respect amongst members of this forum.

Since we expect the forum to bear only threads talking about expatriation, I am presently closing down this thread.

Feel free to create a new thread in the Expat Cafe - open discussions forum section or post in the Help us improve the website forum section in the future if you need to share with us something else than expatriation.

Thanks again for this thread :top:


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