finding long term accommodation seems challenging

Hello This probably wouldn't be as serious as other scenarios but it can be disconcerting nontheless.I lived in Malta for 3 years and each time I returned I had no problem securing long term accommodation within a week or so of arrival.This time the situation seems to be a lot more difficult in regards to flatshares and rooms for rent...I have tried numerous avenues but to no avail.Hotels are fine temporarily but they're subject to availability and they can be hard on the wallet!It's very frustrating not knowing where you will be sleeping in a few nights down the road.Does anybody have any comments,suggestions,or similar experiences to share? Thanks.

Hi James
The suggestion I gave to someone in similar situation was as follows:

Join FB groups that post availabilities & follow them closely (morning to night to be exact) , once you see something that may interest you phone the person/agent straight away. Even if the property advertised is already gone (which may happen in a lot of cases) they could have something else to offer.
Posting your own ad doesnt really work, unless your are looking for something within a higher budget which is more attractive to agents.
If you know where you wish to rent, visit estate agencies in the area. Walk around the area and keep an eye on 'For rent' signs on windows.

If you get an agent that showed some interest in what you are looking for - grab them and do not let them forget about you.

Rental market is a very fast moving one here, especially for a lower priced properties.  Have gone through 4 moves in Malta ourselves so are delighted not having to do it all again (especially since we have a dog which makes the matter 100% worse).

Hope this help & good luck!


I'm in the same position. I only have a few more days accommodation left then I don;t know what i;m going to do. I have up to 700/800 euro PCM inclusive to spend. I want 2 beds with a bit of outdoor space/terrace/veranda. Anyone any ideas?

I need a room for a long term also...
From 15.07.for a 4-5 months...

Frank Salt lettings department found me a place within that price range within two days

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