New to Dalian - Always interested in meeting new people.

Hi Everyone,

I will be moving to Dalian in the next few weeks and wanted to introduce myself.  I'm from San Francisco but more recently finished graduate school in London. 

I'm always interested in new adventures and love art, music, outdoors, food, architecture, learning new things, etc. I work in international business growth and strategy in the tech space, am treasurer and director of a foundation in the online publishing business, and am a research fellow in architectural history for a small media group.

If you're interested in exploring the city, grabbing a coffee or drink, or anything else, please feel free to reach out.


Hi Nick,

I'm moving to Dalian next week, so I'm new to the city as well. I'm from Argentina and I'll be working in a kindergarten as an EFL teacher.

Feel free to send me a PM if you want my contact info.

Take care,

Hi Nick
I am Dwayne.
I will be moving to Shunde Foshan  early September for a teaching job so  I am looking to make friends and do things too. 

If you are interested, email me thru  my personal email.

you will enjoy yourself here! i can introduce some great place to you. i mean really so great that you will never forget the town.have a good time


I'm Ferdi from Indonesia. I'll onboard to Dalian in mid of August. Let me know when you will arrive in Dalian so we probably can gather and have some coffees. It is great to see and meet new expats there.


Hi, my name is Jing. I'm actually a local from Dalian. But I've been living  in Belgium for 14 years. Recently  I'm going to move back to China and just hope to meet some new people in my own hometown, lol..

It sounds maybe a bit crazy, but after so many years of being away,  am also kind of new to the city.

Anyway am looking forwards to meet. Cheers!

Nice intro, Nick, and maybe we can all meet up sometime. Does anyone know if there's a regular expat group or meetup in Dalian? I'd be interested in joining one, or even starting one.

Hi everyone,

my name is Ben, I'm from the UK. I work for a University in the UK and am scheduled to start work in Dalian in October as part of a collaboration between my employer and a uni in Dalian.

I like being outside in nature and seeing different things, so am hoping to see as much of China's natural scenery as I can whilst working there.

I'm also very into sport (cycling, tennis, football), music of all kinds, films, books etc.

I like meeting people from different places. Let me know if anyone's up for meeting up when I get over there!


Hey Ben, welcome to Dalian! Since you like checking out nature, Dalian is a good place as there are lots and lots of parks to check out and hike through, and scenic points along the seaside. How long will you be staying out here?

I just created an event for people in town to meet up on October 22nd. Hopefully you can join! … greet.html

Hi Ron,

thanks for the invitation. I'll get in touch when I'm over there and let you know if I'm able to join.



Hi Nick and everyone!
My name is Kit and I'm from NYC. I will be visiting Dalian for two weeks this coming Friday Oct.28th. My WeChat ID is **. My friend there would be a good connection. Perhaps we can get together.

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wow ! i almost took a job there. mainly because it is coastal and i lived in florida for many years by the beach. you are all so friendly. i ended up in changshu. not friendly at all. not one person has talked to me, well, no one here speaks english. im the only foreigner here. good luck to all of you. i will choose wisely next year. it will pay to go visit before i commit to my next job (english teacher)

@Wonder_kit: Feel free to send me a private message and I can help you get connected with fellow expats and friends =)

Hi Everyone,

I am a Dalian Ren:). I am currently working and living in Singapore.  Will be back to Dalian for 2 weeks holiday.  Let me know if anyone keen to meet up for a coffee ☕️

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