How can we get our dogs from Montevideo airport to our accomodation?

Hello, we are a married couple and need to know with which means of transportation we can get together with our dogs from Montevideo airport to our accomodation please?
Is there any taxi or shuttle service which would transport us with our dogs?
Is there any carpooling possibility with dogs in the car?
Are dogs allowed in the public buses?
Thank you for any advice?
Kind regards,

There are several services that can do this.

Check out … ropuerta#D[A:servicio-de-traslado-de-mascotas-desde-aeropuerta]

A lot of people here only have motorbikes or bicycles and need help getting pets to the vet etc.

Sometimes the cabs at the airport will take a pet. I have heard some of the buses will let you put a pet in a crate in the luggage holds under the bus. Not sure if that would be OK after a long flight.

We rented a car for a month from the airport and drove ourselves and our dog to our accommodation.

Thank you for the good advice! We will also rent a car, but it is very good to know that there are available means of transports for animals around in Uruguay.

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