Bus Transportation help(Again😀)

Hello Planner, Bob And were my lifelines on my trip in January so I need bus advice again. Flying into PUJ and then taking a taxi to La Romana for a few days. I want to spend a day or two in Santiago and Las Terrenas De Samana. I remember how easy it was to take the Sicheom bus to Santo Domingo and then jump on the Metro bus to Santiago.

My big question is can I take a bus (motor coach) to Las Terrenas De Samana from Santiago or do I have to take it from Santo Domingo or is there even Motor Coach service available? I do not want to get on one of those small mini-Van buses. I need Wi-Fi.

Thank you in advance for your help. I arrive Saturday May 28th and I hope the rain has stopped.

The good news is the rain has stopped.  As to  a direct bus from Santiago to Las Terrenas -   I do not  know!   Its a good question. I will see if I can find out,  meanwhile maybe someone else knows!

I just looked at Metro and at Caribe Tours,  neither have a scheduled route from Samana to  Santiago.   Looks like you need to go to Santo Domingo and then to Samana/Las Terrenas.

I figured Santo Domingo would be my starting point but was hoping for a shortcut. Thank you Planner for checking for me!!

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