Need Advice for Relocate to Iraq


I need your valuable feed back...

TO relocate to Erbil Iraq...

What is the cost of living for a month whole for individual guy..

and what is current situation of erbil city

Please advice me

Welcome on board mujirqsau :cheers:

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I am currently living in Iraq. The situation on housing has deteriorated alot and rental costs have shrunk to less than half compared to 2014 that I was living here.

I work for UN so we have restrictions on where to live. If you don't have such a restriction you can pretty much find any price depending on your budget from apartments to houses in complexes or out.

I also bought a car here which reduces my commute cost significantly. Considering that, I spend $1000 per month including electricity , maintenance and house keeping costs.

I saw your inquiry and can add more information for you.  I don't know if you're already in Erbil. but I've been here, on and off for a few years now, and find it to be not very expensive.  You can find low rents for one guy.  You won't need too big a place, and you could always consider a share.  I know many nice places for $500 or less.  This is including furnishings and utilities.  Life is rather inexpensive and it's easy to get around by taxi here.  If you haven't arrived yet, and want more information, I can help you further.  It's very peaceful and safe here.  I think it's a good place to be.



I don't know if you got any advice from anyone, or if you are here, yet; but things are very peaceful here.  I've been here, on and off, for over five years, and things have been good.  For single guys, like myself, living is good.  You should be able to find a fully furnished place with all amenities for a quite inexpensive price.  Most everything is available, and if you have a job (not with government) you should be quite comfortable.  I like it here, and am comfortable.  I mostly teach, and that has been okay for me.  Sorry I didn't reply before this, but I hope it helps.


I know I wrote you before, but I just wanted to emphasize that it is a good place to be.


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