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Hi, we will soon be visiting mt hubby's family in Mauritius and want to bring some nice presents for our nephews who will be almost 1 and 2.5, are there toys which aren't in good supply, as i'd like to bring some stuff not available there. Didn't see any nice toy shops like ELC, Pottery Barn etc or IKEA for the lovey wooden play kitchens while there, where do people buy toys?

Hi, I love wooden toys but havnt seen any here! So I'd go for wooden...



I'm a huge fan of wooden toys too Annie, didn't see any the times we've visited but thought I might have missed a hidden gem. Don't want to haul stuff over if it's available there. ☺️ Heading to the UK and then to Mauritius so can pick up some lovely stuff there much cheaper 😁

Melissa and Doug toys now available in Mauritius. you can find info on

Perhaps you can help this shop of wooden toys

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