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By way of introduction , I am Chris 28 (Hello) :)

I have been offered a job opportunity in Malta but I am not sure if the salary expectation is in line.

I have been offered 40 000 Euro a year.

My questions :

Is this enough to sustain a good lifestyle on the island for 2 people with a few Euro to save up each month
So it would be Net around 2600 (Including a deduction of NI for the second person from that and a pension contribution)

Will be going over as a married couple.

Guidance appreciated


This has been discussed here EXTENSIVELY. Did you look before posting?

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@ Chris, welcome on board  :)

Here is a thread which might be informative to you : Cost of living malta 2016, you will also find a link in post #5 to the 2015 figures.

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Thanks for the friendly and informative reply.
I have indeed read up on the other topics, so let me rather re-phrase.

Can anyone on this forum who is in this salary range please give me an indication of the standard of living (2 people worse case on this salary)are experiencing there.
With money saved after expenses, how many overseas holidays they do.
How often the are able to eat out etc.
How much is a good contribution % of net wise towards retirement provident fund.

Constructive feedback much appreciated.


Hi Bhavna

Thanks for this , will also read this in detail.


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