Travel to Taiwan (Taipei)

Hi everyone,

I intend to go to Taiwan in this October for travelling alone. I heard that it's too difficult to make visa to visit this country for Vietnamese.

Could all of you who went this country advice me some experience for making this visa?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi there,

I usually visit Taiwan every couple of years these days. For me I just get a sponsorship letter from a Taiwanese which I submit with my application, then I get a 2 month visa. Not sure how it is for Vietnamese.



Thanks for your advice. But Taiwanese Embassy is more strickly for Vietnamese. Especially Vietnamese go travel alone.

But anyway, thank you very much.

DO NOT trust rumors.
Simply check any official online information for the facts.
Many tourists from all over visit Taiwan, including Filipinos, Thais, Malaysians etc.
So why would it be difficult for Vietnamese?

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