With NOC Can i change Company


Please help I have serious query

My visa has been cancelled before 2 months I have NOC can i join Other Company.

My employer will not come at immigration, as this news was in the air he needs to come..

Can i join other company with NOC but my employer will not come at immigration department.


Hi caTarun123,

Since there have been many cases where the NOC was found to be forged / bribed and got, the authorities now insist that the bearer of the NOC must bring along both the issuing and receiving parties - the former employer who has issued the employee with the NOC, as well as the nee employer who is now willing to hire that expat employee. This is only to ensure that the presented NOC is a genuine document and is not a forged document, or one which has been illegally "bought", or "purchased" for a price.

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