Want to relocate to Cuba, how do i go about it ?

I am a Nigerian planning to relocate to Cuba. Please how do I go about it.

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Get in touch with the Embassy of Cuba, they will be able to guide you … bassy.aspx

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Cuba has very strict rules of residency for foreigners. While welcoming thousands of students from Africa and some political refugees, the only families that I know who reside temporarily in La Habana are either diplomats or people here temporarily on business.
Emigration to CUBA is very strictly controlled and enforced. I know many foreign men married to Cuban women staying in Cuba for long periods of time. Cuba actually is loosing population as the rate of emigration is very high compared to the total population. Apart from legal emigration to other countries especially to USA, tourists, visitors and students take their Cuban spouses with them to their countries
Your best information would be from the Cuban Counsel at the Embassy in your country.

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