Seeking info on Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

Hi, Since the earthquake in Ecuador, I'm looking at Puerto Aventuras as a winter home/retirement home. 

Since I play golf and love the beach, it looks like a great place for me.  I've seen some condos that seem to be perfect.

They have golf course views and are a short walk from the beach. 

Any insite in this community would be very helpful.  Is it safe?  What's the story on the expat community?

Is it too noisy during the busy season?  Thanks for helping me.

We lived in Playa del Carmen for a year, but I knew someone who lived in PA, and she loved it.  It is very safe; in fact, it is really just a big "resort", in my mind, and it is gated and guarded on the outside. 

My husband and I took the bus there one day to go to the library there.  It's a small library, but they had a large selection of English novels and were having a big paperback sale.  We got a huge bag of books for almost no money. 

We thought PA was attractive and very quiet, though it's very isolated.  There is one large grocery store across the highway, just outside the gates, but that's it.  Everything else, you'd have to have a car or take a bus or collectivo.  It would not be for us, but we don't play golf, and we like living in a more mixed, vibrant community.  PA is pretty much just condos and too "samey" for us.  Plus we don't play golf, so there just wasn't enough there for us.  We did like the quiet, though.  Living in Centro of Playa got too loud and is one of the primary reasons we left.

I am pretty sure everyone that lives there is an expat or the significant other of one.  My friend there is a Brit but has a Mexican boyfriend.

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