Family relocating to Cairo

We are a family with 3 kids thinking to relocate to Cairo. I would like to know more about what is like living in a compound and if it feels safe to visit museums or spots in the city or going to the beach.. Just a normal family life..
Thanks for your replies!

Living in compounds like new Cairo and alike is very safe
Yes you can go around everywhere, don't believe media
Egypt is safe place for anyone
Just be careful when asking about prices
Make sure you know the price of everything from the Internet
When using taxi use Uber or Karim

I've lived in Cairo for almost a year; I don't live on a compound but I do live in a nice neighborhood with it's own schools and shops and I feel very safe. 

As far as going to museums or hanging out around Cairo - doing family things - I think it's also safe. Going out here can be very enjoyable.

I would suggest having your mode(s) of transportation planned before coming here because using public transportation is challenging to say to least, especially with kids.  In most areas where there are compounds there is no public transportation to rely on, anyhow.  A foreigner in Egypt should have someone known and trustworthy if they want to be driven around for pricing fairness and safety. Driving your own vehicle here would probably take some getting used to due to an in general lack of order when it comes to all matters traffic related.

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