Apartments for rent near Hasselt - Short Term


Next week I will be working in Hasselt and I'll need a place to stay. For the first week I'm going to be in a hotel/ B&B and hopefully be able to find something more permanent so my girlfriend can join me.

I'll be there for 2months, but it seems incredibly difficult to find a place for such little time... If you have a place or know of a friend/family that will be willing to allow us rent a place for this amount of time it would be perfect.

Our budget per month will be 400-600Euro and preferably furnished and with WI-FI but we are completely open to any opportunities!


Take a look in the housing section, top of this page. You can also place a free ad there too.

Try instead websites like airbnb, however Hasselt is not a place with a high turnover of short term staff so you might have to think out of the box a bit in looking for temporary housing and ask as many people as you can at work in Hasselt what their suggestions are.

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