Medical insurance in Cuba

I have found that I do not need extra medical insurance in Cuba. I have never been asked for proof of insurance when entering Cuba (and that's many times).  When applying for a Visa Familial or 90-day visa extension, my OHIP card has good enough for Immigration, and I didn't need to buy their expensive insurance.
Another contributor to this site stated that he had medical work done there. He kept the recepits, showed the exchange rate for that day, and was fully reimbursed.

The worst case scenario is that if Cuban Immigration is not satisfied that you are properly covered, you can buy insurance for CUC 2.50 per day at your entry point into Cuba. I once witnessed a case where just like you, it was a 90 day stay and the lady was forced to hand over CUC 225 for a policy issued by ESEN, the Cuban state insurer. More worrying would be if you were denied boarding on your flight to Cuba because the airline was not happy about your travelling apparently uninsured.

Also, OHIP will allow a 2 year absence from Ontario without cutting off your OHIP. Go to Service Ontario to do this. They'll tell you all you need to know, and do the paperwork there on the spot.

Paul, no airline checks the medical insurance coverage, neither the aduana cubana when you come in.

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