Good doctors in San Juan area

Hi. Im looking for a general practitioner in the San Juan or Bayamon area.  English speaking would be a plus.  Anyone have any recommendations?  Thanks. … omez-gcwqn
Dr. Unda
English speaking, will refer you to others if need be. Takes and keeps 99% appointments. … /1112.html
Dr. Paez
Long waits but great service . he speaks fluent english, his staff not so much.

Thank you!  Much appreciated.

Hi everyone,

@ We're moving WHERE ? Could you also please recommend these doctors in the Doctors in Puerto Rico section of the business directory as well ?

This will surely benefit members looking for a doctor and who might not have seen this present thread.

Thanks in advance,

If you haven't already found someone, Dra. Maria Gonzalez-Vives (technically Maria del Mar Gonzalez-Vives) in Isla Verde (and parts of the week in Luquillo) is amazing. Perfect English, incredibly caring - she even let's me text her lab results so I don't have to come in unless she wants to see me. My husband and I love her.  The Isla Verde office line is (787) 726-3901, someone who speaks English is always available, if you ask.

Thanks! Loved Dr Unda (the doctor that was first mentioned) but it's always good to have a back up.

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