moving to Kenya soon

Hello dear friends
Am Mina from Egypt am planning to move to Kenya soon but i have some queries about living in kenya
I have three years experience as a technical engineer  in Security system and low current field as
-Analog cameras (cctv)
-IP cameras
-anti theft alarm system
-Access control for doors
-Fire alarm system
-Time attendance machines ,finger print and face detection
-Gates motors
-Sound system (internal broadcasting)
How much easy to find a good job there? and what about the expected salary ?
What about the cost of living ?
I Will be grateful for your responses

Hello there.
firstly, welcome to kenya.
secondly,  i really cannot advice you concerning that job group but i do hope some1 will assist you here. also you will need to have a work permit which will be sourced for by your employer if you get one.
cost of leaving varies, depending on areas you choose to live in.
i hope that helps.

loresho apartments  for 2 bedroom costs about Kes 60-65,000, and furnished kes120-150,000 per month.
about work, salary can be between 250-400,000 depending on the company.


Please bear in mind that the single entry visa to Kenya does not permit you to work, either in a paid, or voluntary capacity.  It is (usually) valid for 3 months and can be extended for a further 3 months without leaving Kenya.  After 6 months, you must leave the country, then return, to renew the visa.

To work here, you will need to secure employment, then your employer applies for a work permit, which will be valid for two years.  The ethos of the government is that expats should only occupy posts until a local person can be trained to do that particular job.  It doesn't necessarily work quite like that though.  The security industry is huge here, but I don't know much about job opportunities for expats.

If you were thinking of setting up a company, you need $100,000 minimum capital to be able to apply for an investors work permit.  If you are going into the security industry, you would be entering a crowded marketplace.

The process of getting a job and application for a work permit can take over 6 months and you have no right to remain in Kenya beyond the validity of your visa, when an application is pending.

Good luck!

thanks dears for your info i hope everything going to be good with me
see in Nairobi :)

Kenya is really advancing in technology in the recent and so there are many people who are seeking the kind of services you can offer. What you need to work on is really identifying your target market and also involve a marketer.

While I agree that identifying your market is very important, the main challenge (for a foreigner) of doing business in Kenya are the immigration regulations. Although you would be able to register a company without a work permit, you would be unable to legally work with in it, unless you have a work permit.

One answer might be to partner with a Kenyan, but as your partner would be operating the company, pending any work permit application, it would have to be someone who you can trust completely.

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