Computer Tech in the South?

Hi Community.
looking for a Computer Tech for a hardware replacement (HD to SDD).
I have all the hardware.
Any recommendations?

Will travel witjin reason. ( I am in the  South ).
Cheers and appreciation,  Kai

Where in the south are you?



Hi James,
HCMC, Vang Tau and Ma Nui.

So, have you replaced your HDD already?
I'm in HCMC D1 and will be able to help you. (Assuming you have backed up everything)

Hi, let me know if you need any help remotely.

Hey there !!! No I haven't done it yet !!

Where are you ? I am in District 1.
Have you done this before ?

It's a new computer. Nothing to back up. 😍

It needed a revoery drive, which I also have. .

It's crazy but I am leaving HCMC tomorrrow for Vang tau. Just got on line again. Do you have any time today ?


If your are replacing the HDD with the SSD then you will need to back up, unless you want to buy an expensive copy of the operating system that came with the HDD.  If you really have nothing added on the drive you could probably do it with a small portable and the appropriate software.  If you can find an adapter cable to attach the bare HDD (I assume SATA) to a USB port then you could skip the backup and clone the operating system back to the SSD after installation and initialization.

You did not mention if it is a desktop or laptop or what your operating system is.  If it is a desktop it gets easier as you can hold both drives in the chassis at once.  Also fit is less of a critical issue with desktops as holders are available.

There are a lot of tutorials that you can look for online.  Here is just one.  It is for Windows 7, but there are others for 10.

You alluded to a recovery drive.  That is not a separate drive but a slim partition sliced off of the main physical drive.  The initialization process may set it up for you.  I am not a Windows user so I am not too sure on that one.

Yes it is Windows.
Thanks for your time. Cheers, Kai

Hi there, thanks for responding. I would feel a bit unconfident trying to install and recover remotely but if it gets to that I will let you know. Thankyou for offering

Hi Kai
Have you received my PM few days ago?
Feel free to ping me

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