Looking for cdjs in Ho Chi Minh

I'm moving to Ho Chi Minh soon and hoping to pick up a set of cdjs, mixer and speakers etc. Can't find much on google and am wondering is there a Vietnamese version of ebay/done deal etc that I could check out. Also any djs on here feel free to shoot me a message. I've  heard that electronics can be quite expensive over there, is this the case?

I wouldn't touch anything for sale via the Internet in Vietnam because there are few safeguards here and a lot of cheats.

But the Viwtnamese love karaoke so there are many shops selling the kind of stuff you are looking for new as well as factories and workshops churning out amps and stuff daily. You can also get Chinese stuff cheap. Usualy with a 7 day warranty.

I'm sure you will be able to find what you need -.word of mouth info prolly best.

cho , but it is Vietnamese language only., use google to translate in to English. Buy now with some e commerce sites such as :;,

I think the Korean brand Arirang is the Cadillac brand karaoke and widely available in Vietnam.  I think they have factories in Vietnam but under Korean quality control.

My wifes friend from school owns a factory where they make amps, speakers and stuff. If the OP wants to drop me a PM I'll give him the blokes phone number.

hey, dj here....there is a lot dj's gear going around in Saigon/Vietnam..
but price can be a little steep depending on the model of cdj you are looking for.
If you only plan on using cd only, then the MK2s are cheap now, but for the latest model (nexus 2000) then it will be the retail price, more or less.
You may as well get a dj controller (all in one).

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