Moving to Malta, advice please!

Myself and my wife are considering the move to Malta sometime in the next two years. I'm a qualified psychotherapist working in the NHS and private practice. We have a couple of ideas of what we might do to support our selves when we move. We are both in our early fifties and considering the idea of a small hotel or B&B which would offer psychological services and/or a mindfulness retreat. I would also look into the possibility of individual private practice or offering psychological/mental health services to company's on the island.  I would appreciate any feedback you can give me re the above idea's or point me towards the right people to talk to. Thanks in advance.

Here you'll find a lot of people in need of a psychotherapist ... but first you have to convince them, that they should seek professional help  :lol:
Forget employment in this sector, but if you run your own business with a good marketing idea it could work ... but you have to give it time to grow.

Lankev, how did you get on establishing yourselves?  Hope you've had some luck!

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