Moving to Manila - Bring over or sell household goods?

Hi we are moving to Manila in a couple of months from South Africa and we were wondering if it would be cheaper (and easier) to sell off all our Household goods and purchase new ones in Manila? OR just move everything over?

Can anyone who has gone through similar situation  help with advise please?

Moving everything is naturally costly than selling it and purchasing new ones in manila. Manila can be expensive but i did assure you, you will get nice and cheap stuff there too. So not unless you have some sentimental value for your items and do not want to let go, then i advise you to pack a few bags of cloths and make the journey.

Thanks Flex, your advice is noted. Where would you recommend to shop for the best furniture and prices?

It will depend on your price range and or the idea of getting a brand new or used. Which ever way, i think there are a lot of shops in manila that you could find.  I don't have a specific shop name as i stayed in fully furnished apartments so did none of the buying...But i will advice you to google furniture shops manila and find out the shops of your price or walk to the many malls including Mall of Asia and scan through.

Hi, While I agree with Flex14 on some of his statements about buying here in the Philippines. I have found lacking that certain items as home appliances,ranges,ceiling lights and general kitchen wares (like specially cookers) and power tools (Pls make sure they 220v or dual voltage ). They will not be cheaper in the Philippines and you cannot always be assured of the quality or it being available. If you have items that you know work and are of very high end not Sears type (lol). Bring them with you because the cost to replace can be a lot more than you would believe,once you convert your money. Since you are moving,you have an allowance to ship a certain amount of items duty free ,why not use it. And then many other things will be cheaper to buy when you get to the Philippines. I only say these things because in moving myself, a lot of things that I left behind in the USA cannot be found in the Philippines,not big things. But items to which I had become accustomed to having. So would I do again yes,but I would bring my high-end items with me. I have gotten in to the habit of buying online,so I do not have to deal with the Expat problem of looking like I have more money than I really do.  Good Luck on your move.

Hi Mixknight, thank you for your detailed reply. I hear you my friend, it is a difficult move to make and almost impossible to judge on your own.

We are thinking of selling off all our big furniture like fridges, washing machine, dish washer...etc. seemingly we could replace this at a premium.

The smaller items we are looking to take over like the kitchen ware and my tools and some sentimental items.

What are the prices like for electronics? TV, entertainmemt systems, PC etc?

Do you know of a reputable shipping company I could approach?

Hi, I use UMAC with my shipping from the U.S.,I have never had a problem with anything,so long as I secured it properly. Electronics with Brand names like Sony TV,s etc are more expensive,small appliances are good. If you order them off the web. As I say the high-end Bedroom,living room things are going to cost you a lot more ,if you want the same quality items. Because they are brought in from overseas,but sold in the high end stores where the price is fixed and does not float with you being an expat.(Smile)
My tools I brought with me,but the cravat is they must be dual voltage or buy a few step down converters from any electronics store 220v to 120V.   LBC is also a very big shipper to Philippines,never used them,but have not read/heard of many problems with them. Best of Luck,it is a change in lifestyle,simple but good,if you have the income. You just have to be careful about the friends you make,like the song "Smiling faces hold no traces of the evil that lurks within".  Sorry to say expats or anyone from overseas is looked at by many,not all as a meal ticket and someone who has unlimited funds to loan i.e GIVE to be very rarely returned most of all in the family. If your wife or GF is Filipino have her do all the buying from local places, SM Mall's you can buy since the price is fixed and you cannot really bargain other than to ask something be thrown in for free with your purchase (Like in the U.S,I always ask what more can I get when I pay cash).   Welcome and Good Luck

Thank you Mix, certainly good advice from a salted expat. Will chat soon via PM for more info

just sell your things since shipping and tax will cost you a fortune here in Manila plus things here are cheaper and you can bargain....

Hi, If you're used to high end stuff I would bring some of your favorite kitchen stuff.
With regards to special tools I did compare the prices here to other country sometimes it's almost the same or a little higher. Some malls run sales. But most of our stuff was bought from other country as well. With furniture and stuff I would just buy here you can get brand new and pre loved items here.

Like me, I'm planning to move out later on so I have to sell all the stuff I have including dryer, washing machine,  Bar (Granite) had it made and designed by me. few cabinets, stainless steel kitchen ware, Kitchen utensils old and new.Tea sets ,  I have collected nice set of Pyrex and baking stuff new and old as well. Special pressure cooker new tefal mixer, chopping board wood imported. Toaster and a lot more. Would also be selling my personal stuff. Cosmetics Perfumes so it's a lot of work but May God help me. Sold some already. Will be selling some tools as well. Nice ladder etc. plastic tables long and round. Btw, I'm from Quezon City (Cubao).

Bring some stuff that is of sentimental value with you and that you cannot live without.

You can find reasonable prices of stuff here depending if you want brand new or you can live with 2nd hand stuff. Lots of department store here as well.

Hope this helps.

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