Plz Help Me to Study and Stay in Dubai

Hi, I will soon come to Dubai and I want to study a Full-Time MBA (Master of Business Admin). At the same time, it is very important for me to have fun and enjoy my time while I study.

1. University: I would like to enroll in a Uni or College which has a kind of open and free culture. I am looking for place with a western style students' life and that has entertaining students clubs and activates. I want to study in an environment with minimum restrictions in everything including dating and interaction between boys and girls.

Kindly suggest universities' names in Dubai where I can have an enjoyable time while studying.

2. Accommodation: I am a bit worried as I have heard that housing is very costly in Dubai. In general, I have no issues sharing common facilities like bathroom and kitchen with other men or women, but I need to have my separate room.

What is the approximate monthly expense of such a room in Dubai? Are there any websites where I can search for a room?
Please help me in how I can find a suitable room with an affordable price.

Thank you so much.

Dubizzle shall help you find accommodation. But take care to always go through a registered agent only. Dont make hurry in payments. Be careful while dealing.

What do you mean by affordable room? Rooms from individual may range from AED 2K to 8/10K depending on your lifestyle/budget/location.

And the universities here have more open/western culture than you can imagine.

Thank you for your reply.
The registered agents offerings in Dubizzle are so costly. The minimum room was AED3500.
I feel that I should take a room for one month only, then if I am satisfied, then I can renew it every month. This will allow me to leave the room whenever I get any problem. I hope this would be possible.
What do I need to consider when looking at non-registered agents? What problems might I face? Are there other websites to search on?

Regarding universities, I had a previous very boring experience being in Arabic-styled restricted Uni. Therefore, it is important for me to choose a Uni that is kind of open, diverse, western-styled and has enjoyable students life with minimum restrictions.

Could you advice with names of such universities in Dubai?


Hi Sarah,

There are also rooms/flats available on sharing if you are willing to. Or you can rent a room/flat and get someone easily to share it. There are always a lot of flats and people available for sharing in Dubai. You can also look for direct owners on the same site.

Set your budget in mind first and then work out accordingly.

I have a list of universities here. Take a look at them. The names itself are self explanatory. I am naming a few so that you can get an idea.

American University Dubai
American University of the Emirates
Boston University Dental School Dubai
British University in Dubai
Canadian University of Dubai
European University College Brussels Dubai
French Fashion University Dubai
Harvard Medical School Dubai
Hult International Business School Dubai
London Business School Dubai
Middlesex University Dubai
Russian University Dubai

The complete list is available on the following link:

Hope this helps.


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