Living in Antalya

Hello everyone,
are you pleased to live in Antalya? is everything  ok there?

Yes, life is great. The weather is good to spend the day by sea.. the Latin dance fest is going on. .and Aunty Abla says hi ...

Any specific question about life in Antalya ?


thanks for your reply . I like to come & live there . what about social rules and looking for jobs or starting up a business over there?  :)

No problem.

Social rules are pretty similar to other countries in the region. Again, you will have to be specific.

Regarding starting a business, here is another thread with a response. You may want to read it … 31#3212227

Regarding jobs, here is the link to the answer … -else.html

For any other questions, you can click on the search icon on top and search your query. You will find many answers.

Hope this is helpful
Good luck

Hi Setarehsobh,

I guess that this link as well might help : Setting up a business in Turkey.

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Priscilla  :cheers:

thanks to all of you :)

You're welcome..

yeah antalya is very good place for live or for travel..

but summer is very hot in antalya and very damp place..

I like Antalya. It is a big city, but not too big, and it has sections, Muratpaşa, which is the more crowded city center, Kale İçi, which is the historic district I love to visit, Konyaaltı, kind of an upscale suburb, with a stony beach, and Lara, a more spread-out suburb with a sandy beach. There is also an international airport which will get you to any other place you want to go in Turkey or in the world. The transportation system is excellent. There's an "antik tram," a restored historic tram which takes you all around the perimeter of Kale Içi, and an "Antray" light rail system that takes you to more distant places including the bus station and the airport. Plus the bus system, which gets you everywhere else. Antalya is an excellent city to live in.

Hi   thanks a lot for your description and now I would like to know more about the economical market at the moment in Antalya ... and the situation if somebody wants to work there.

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