I am Egyptian - how to visit spanish wife working in England

im Egyptian and my wife Spanish we leaved in Kuwait and we married in the court then we registration in the Spanish embassy in Kuwait and i revived the family book

i want with her to visit Spain my wife get work in the UK she now one month there i need to help what kind of visa to let me join her there and what all documents to prepare to join her in UK

i ask a lot but people give me wrong information and i the website in UK not give me exactly the documents

please i really need help.

Hello Tarek280 :cheers:

Maybe try to contact british consulate in Kuwait to find out what can be done?

> Here is their address

Arabian Gulf Street
P.O. Box 2


Website URL … ssy-kuwait


No body can help me the documents because they not informed me

Hey again Tarek280 :cheers:

Maybe in a first time try to get a tourist visa to go visit your wife and from there you try to find out what can be done.

Since your wife is European there should be a way!

If you need a solicitor, you can consult professionals from our business directory :

> Immigration lawyers in England


if body know better informed me

i do advice u to b more confident and start with the beginning, do not think all the info r waiting special for u and eventually to submit at once all the required papers like everything is solved after. To be there you need to go through lots of steps and verification, just give a start by yourself and do not wait from anyone to redirect you (that's a typical Egyptian laziness). If you truly wanna be there be prepare fr some years of "long run".

Maybe your wife should ask the authorities how to proceed.
It's possible that  due your nationality it will be difficult and a long process is waiting for you.

But I'm a bit confused what you want :
You want to live together in the UK?
Or you want to visit Spain with her?
Or you want both?

Live together in uk

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