moving to Warsaw in October

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I am moving to Warsaw in October for graduate school. How much is the cost of living?

Most importantly, how much is a bedroom in a shared flat? Is it easy to find living arrangements?



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I suggest you read the following thread, there are some posts related to Warsaw : Cost of living in Poland – 2015.

As far as the rent price for a bedroom, do not hesitate to drop an advert in the Housing in Warsaw section of the website, you may have some offers and compare the prices.

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As I have lived in Sweden for a long perion but mooving back to Warsaw I have collected some information on costs of living.

A room in a shared flat will make your wallet thinner by about  1000 pln, a studio (one room flat) will take about 1200 in suburbs-2300 Mokotow/Centrum.
Food is quite cheap when you go to Biedronka. Crazy cheap, good quality in general but small range of all. 500 pln on food is ok. 'Thirsty'? Alc will cost you extra money but is extremely cheap there. Depends on how often you 'tank' :).
Ticket: 110 pln in Warsaw zone on all mains of transport. You go to MZK office with a picture and they will print you a plastic card you charge every 30 days.

1 Euro is about 4,3 pln,
1 Dollar is about 3,9 pln

For 1000 euro you live like a king being a student and not eating caviar and drinking Moet Chandon every day :)

Good luck!!!!

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