Iasi, Jasi, Lasi

Why do people spell Iasi in so many different ways?

I'd suggest you look up "Iași" on Wikipedia and read explanations there.  Nowadays, if you use any other spelling besides Iași, you're considered poorly educated (aka. an idiot) by many locals.

Romaniac Experts Team

I have wondered about this question, but I may have an answer.

Assuming the OP means an Indian/Pakistani drink, it might well be something to do with ਲੱਸੀ not having many letters from the Roman alphabet.

However, I'm an uneducated philistine so I could easily be wrong.

If the OP is referring to a Scottish lady, the spelling is, "lassie'.

Wasn't lassie a dog?

And lasi said ruff. ruff, ruff...................

MGBalive :

Why do people spell Iasi in so many different ways?

regarding your question then is worth to mention which "part" of this country spell it wrong? Romanians or expats? this lovely city had, has and will have only one name IASI, spelled with "i" as in "igloo" an expat u may make mistakes till u learn the correct form but as a native one is not excusable fair opinion.

OMG - There's a town called Lasi as well?
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