Dominican Republic: beware of scams

Hello everyone,

Several scams have been reported in the Dominican Republic since some time, especially in Santo Domingo, the capital city, and in Las Terrenas. These frauds seem to have been committed by French and Dominican nationals.

Foreign nationals who are already on the spot or planning to travel there are therefore advised to be very careful. They could be approached for real estate or other types of allegedly secure investments.

In case you are contacted by these individuals, make sure to gather all information relating to these operations.

And you have this from what source????

Scams live all over the world and here as well.  This is not new news. No matter where you are you should be careful before investing in real estate of anything else for that matter.

Not sure of the purpose of this thread.

Bob K

Hello Bob K,

Thanks for your reply.

In fact, this warning has been issued by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We regularly post their updates on the website so as to inform expats and soon to be expats regarding the current situation and risks in the chosen country.

Veedushi Team

Thank you for the posting of this. It is nothing new here at all.   You must take your time when it comes to investing ANYWHERE!   

Like Bob, I have heard nothing new regarding scams and schemes!

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