Tattoos and swimming pools

Hey everyone,

I am heading over to Riyadh soon and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice  or experience with tattoos and swimming pools.  I am able to cover my tattoos while in public with long sleeves and long pants, but am worried when I go for a swim.  Any recommendations of swimming pools to swim laps in would be awesome.  Any other thoughts on tattoos in the KSA also welcome. Thanks.



Hello Jonah :cheers:

I invite you to browse through threads in the Leisure and things to do in Riyadh to gather some infos about things you could do in Riyadh.

Threads such as this one may bring useful infos : Swimming Pool and Gym, please :)


It's normal, people will stare at them for few seconds and then ignore you.

Saudis living abroad getting tattoos these days so don't worry about it.

Just do what u like no worries

A friend of mine has big tatoo on his back and up until today he is working in KSA.

Thanks for all the input everyone.  Will have to see how the swimming goes. 


All most all swimming pools are in private compounds or hotels - you will have no issues at either of those places


Hey !
Tattoo is not big issue here ,, so never mind ^__^

Hey Paul,

Thank you for the information, eases the mind for sure. 



It's totally normal so don't worry about it..
Wishing you a safe trip to Saudi :)

Hey Natalie,

Thanks for the info, I am coming over tomorrow and am very excited!



Good luck, it will take a little while before you get used to it all. just keep and open mind and wear your tattoos with pride!

It's not a bad place to be mate - if you play golf 🏌 there are few decent courses etc and some real nice places to eat


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